Bad News!! Lucifer cancelled by FOX

FOX as done it again. After cancelling fan favorite Brooklyn Nine Nine (read it here), they went ahead and cancelled another fan favorite Lucifer after three seasons.  With 55 episodes under it’s belt, the now series finale will probably end with a damn cliff-hanger that will never be resolved. May 14th is the now series finale. Co-showrunner Joe Henderson also said that they created the final episode with the ultimate cliff hanger so FOX would renew the show, but that planned went to hell (pardon the pun) and now we will be left with a hell of a finale.

Can the show be shopped elsewhere? Some say The CW, but won’t be a fit with the other DC hero shows. What about the streaming service? I would pay to see at the very least a final season of six or ten episodes.

#SaveLuciferFromDeath  and #SaveLucifer should be the hashtag for this !!



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