Could a Beverly Hills 90210 spin off be in the works?

Fans of the show will remember that a spin-off was already attempted and ran for an impressive five seasons. I say impressive because after the first season, it went downhill and fast. So when news became to surface that another one of them was planned, we were a little skeptical. How would that even work? Would 90210 be ignored?

We believe it is possible, but only as a limited series and only on the original network it was on. Why, possibility of a lot more viewers. Here is what we need to see in the series for it to be a success!

Should be at least 6 to 10 episodes

A limited series is what FOX does best these days. It could be an event few nights or to bridge the gap between the network’s finales and premieres. It could also be a summer program. Also the small episode count can be attractive to get actors from the original series that don’t want to commit to a full 13 to 20 episodes season.

Should take events from 90210 into account

Some of the stories of the first two seasons can be used. Kelly and Silver’s mother died of cancer for example cannot be ignored. Silver being bi-polar also cannot be erased. Also the fact that Kelly has a son fathered by Jason Priestly’s character of Brandon should be included into the series.

The following actors needs to be on the show 

Tiffany Thiesen’s Valerie is on the top of that list. Too see her character settled down with a family. Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry should also be included in this show.

New teenagers to at Beverly Hills High

Of course, we should also introduce a new generation, in case the series is a hit and FOX wants to produce episode. Kelly’s son can be aged to about 14 years old and be a little troublemaker. Valerie can have have a daughter that age. Can you imagine Valerie and Kelly’s face when they realize that they kids are dating? Or she can have a son and they both are pining over the same girl!


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