The Editorial


Wow. Jane Eliott’s last performance on GENERAL HOSPITAL was quite an emotional one. You can read about it here ! On The Flash we learned (finally) who Savitar is, however that opened up a new can of worms. I won’t spoil it. But if you have not started watching any of the DC comics, a good friend of ours compiled a list of episodes, in order, that you can watch without skipping a beat. Since there is about 3 episodes left of Arrow and The Flash, you will be caught up in time to watch it with us when in comes back in the fall. You can view this list here !  The list contains Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine and Supergirl. Please also if you like or have used the list, tweet the hell out of it. The more people that start watching, the more viewers we will get next season.

We will be making major improvements on the website in the next few weeks. We will re-organize our menu to fit the new stuff, we will begin a music, gaming and apps section that will broaden the subject covered on TELEVISION CANADA. Also we will be looking for original content to add to our site, so if you are a Canadian and planning on producing a web series, then by all means contact us via DM on Twitter @tv_canada so we can help you promote it and host it from here! Once all that work is done, we will focus this summer on our sister site ! We had started it last year but stopped it cause it was too much to do, but we can’t not create it. It will take time but I will build it.  So continue supporting us by re-tweeting our articles. We have plenty of them, so go ahead and have fun.




This is from where I will share with your my personal thoughts about tv, actors and life in general. At the top will always be the latest entry. A few months ago I was growing tired of updating the website. Not because the subject matter was lacking, god no, but because time was lacking. I would watch shows a few episodes at the time like I always do and realize I did write the recaps. Then I would have to re-watch the same episodes again and then do the recap. Meaning I spent double the time required for that same episode. So I gave up. Then a few weeks after that I missed it and opened a free WordPress blog. But I missed the total creative control that owning my website gave me, therefore I bought back my sites. Am back with a vengeance. So I will be transferring articles from the old free version to this platform. That might take a while and then also update the website regularly. If you readers have any suggestion, please let us know.