The J Show | Series Premiere – Episode 1

Listen to the episode here:–Episode-1-e10fj28

Official page: : Watch on Youtube

Welcome to the official page of The J Show’s series premiere. From this page you will find all the links to support the shows and music I talk about. If there is anything missing, please let me know at and I will correct it. Also a note, if you are listening on, you will get a preview of the songs if you are not a Spotify paid member. But if you are, you will get the full song.

You can learn more about Rebel here: You can sign in and listen to past episodes. You can also read our article on the matter, Rebel, a success.

Demi Lovato’s documentary can be found here: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4
You can listen to the songs “Dancing with the Devil” and “The art of starting overfrom here! Or listen to the entire album here!

As an extra bonus, I have added The Honest Vocal Coach reaction to the video of Dancing With The Devil. She’s super and I love her. So click here to listen and subscribe to her channel.

You can learn about the new NBC show “Debris” here : .

Bebe Rexha’s new album, Better Mistakes, come out on May 7th. You can listen to her single “Sabotage” and pre-order the album from here!

The ABC Soap Opera “General Hospital” air weekdays on ABC. You can also purchase and own the episodes here!