TvReWatch: Person of Interest

From time to time we like to re-visit series we have watched in the past. A new trend is also people discovering these series for the first time, years after the series have ended. Last month I have had the pleasure to watch this great series called Person Of Interest.

The series ran from September 22, 2011 – June 21, 2016, totaling 5 seasons or 103 episodes. The first two or three seasons also starred a very well known star that is currently playing Cookie on Empire, the mesmerizing Taraji P. Henson.

The series revolves around the story that a single man, in this case Harold Finch (played by the delightful Michael Emerson, creating an AI that can predict bad behaviors, like murder, rape, espionage etc…  During the course of it’s creation, Finch realizes that the machine is adapting and taking a protective stance towards him. It also develops memories. Finding this not appropriate for the role of the machine, he decided to create a sub-routine where the machines memories are erased at midnight. The government took the machine and numbers (social insurance) are sent to the appropriate departments without no one ever knowing it came from a machine that can spy on people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Finch receives the irrelevant numbers, that the government does not consider priority and recruits John Reese (played by actor extraordinaire Jim Caviezel) to protect the innocent, or take down the culpable, never knowing which one is which beforehand.

During the course of the five seasons, many enemies and organisations attempt to take control of the machine, or even replicate it. Finch and Reese are joined with others during the five seasons to fight them and make sure that no AI have full control of everyone’s lives.

Person Of Interest is currently streaming on Crave TV. Take a look and tell us what you think !



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