General Hospital: February 2017

This month was filled with surprises. Olivia Jerome back from the dead was one of the biggest. She is everywhere, and yet nobody seems to be connecting the dots. With Sam and the baby in danger this week, what will it take for Julian to finally put her down?

I love Maura West and love the character of Ava. I did not watch GH for a while, so I am catching up on her scenes with Nikolas and love that side of her. So my biggest wish is to learn that Olivia has been in town a lot longer than we expected and that she was the one that killed Connie and framed Ava. Think about it, it was the perfect plan to get rid of Ava, Sonny and Julian all at once (they were all in jail at the same time). That would clear Ava from an important and unforgivable act instead of always been written into a corner.

I also love Finola Hugues and Michelle Stafford. You can watch these good friends on Stafford’s YouTube series here :

I like they gave her a strong lasting story with that rare blood cancer. She has a few challenges ahead and that is good. I wish they would bring her twin sister over (now that the rights have reverted back to ABC for All My Children and One Life To Live characters). I also wish they would bring David Hayward into the mix.

My wish is that Julian is the one to die. I grew tired of his character from the moment he weaseled himself some protection by using Danny. He’s weak and brings nothing to the show. I want a major showdown between Olivia and Ava Jerome.

What would you like to see on General Hospital?


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