General Hospital: What is going on with Anna Devane?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from a recent episode.

Viewers have been speculating for a few days now that Anna Devane, played by the devine Finola Hugues, is acting strangely of late. Although I don’t watch it regularly I decided to watch a few scenes and noticed the odd behavior. The main rumor is that Anna is not Anna, but her twin sister Alex (from All My Children). Since the rights of the show as been returned to ABC, it would not be a stretch to see a few All My Children characters pop up. However being someone who watched her play Alex, I am thinking something else is going on.

First Alex Devane was not someone who would constantly fix her hair. This version of Anna is doing so almost every 10 seconds, making her vain. Also has anyone noticed the way she walks. Look at the scene after Nina leaves and notice how she walks to her desk. Also when Nina leaves, Anna laughs, she would not do that.

So is it Alex? If so, where is Anna? With a medical condition that needs constant supervision, she can’t be too far from a hospital. If not Alex or Anna, who could be masquerading as her?

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